Ultra Moisturizing Cream 6 oz.

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Search is Over

This is the one. I’ve been searching for a vegan moisturizer to hydrate my chronically dry skin for years. I have the most sensitive skin imaginable and everything else I’ve tried caused irritation. This lotion worked great for me on my face and body. I was concerned as to how non-comedogenic it would be and I found that I had no noticeable issues with the product clogging pores. It’s working wonders for my skin and I can’t wait to see the results from longterm treatment. Thank you for making a product that works so amazingly well.

S H Family
The absolute BEST moisturizer on the market!

My family and I really appreciate this moisturizer. It absorbs quickly, is not greasy, and it does not contain any petroleum products. We also appreciate that it is not tested on animals. We use it for both body and as a hand lotion.

The Best!

I’ve used other cruelty free moisturizers for my sensitive eczema-prone skin, and none of them worked as effectively as this Ceremedx Moisturizing Cream. I have finally found my perfect product.

June 20 2023

Since I wrote the first review I have tried this for insect stings and super glue removal. In the spring wasps get in through my A/C. One hid on my bed and stung me in the back. I immediately went in the bathroom and put some of this on the sting and it literally instantly relieved the burn. Today I tried it for removing super glue and it works there too. I'm lucky to have found this as it works really great for me. Sadly it's not in stock... maybe I should keep my mouth shut...

So glad this exists

Before going vegan, Cerave in the tub was my holy grail moisturizer. After switching over to CF/vegan products, I obviously had to leave Cerave behind and find a comparable replacement that aligned with my values.

I had had previous positive experiences with Earth Science products (please bring back the Papaya Glycolic Mask!) and was so happy to find the Ceramedx line.

I have tried almost every product in the lineup and they are all fantastic. I even use the body cleanser and body lotion on my 5 month old baby. But the Ceramedx Ultra Moisturizing Cream is the *perfect* replacement for Cerave in the tub. It's just as effective but somehow feels lighter. And I appreciate that it is petroleum-free on top of being animal free.

Can't recommend Ceramedx enough to anyone else who might be looking for a more ethical alternative to Cerave or Cetaphil products.