Better Skin Starts with You

Ceramedx® was developed in consultation with dermatologists to provide relief for patients looking for more natural, plant-based solutions to their skincare needs.  Our formulas are clinically tested and shown to provide effective relief for very dry, sensitive skin without synthetic ingredients.

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Our products are specifically formulated for the most dry and sensitive skin, so investing in clinical testing was a necessity. We conducted two clinical tests with separate third-party labs. The science proved that Ceramedx products improved skin moisture, moisture retention and overall skin barrier function in all subjects with no irritation reaction.

This is the best cleanser I’ve ever tried in my life. I’m not even exaggerating

Sonia A.

This is good when you have dry skin. It is not greasy at all and I love that.

Kathy W.

Finally – a natural ceramides lotion that you feel good about using. We saw results right away on my daughters chapped skin on her elbows, knees, and other dry areas.

Jennifer K.

Just gotta say, one of the best purchases ever, even in the worst part of winter my skin looks healthy.

Verified Amazon Customer

I have bad dry skin and this really offers relief. My wife and teenage daughter keep stealing it from me. I steal it back. And then they steal it again. And so it goes. We dig it.

Phil Z.

I’ve been more conscious on purchasing vegan skincare. This is my new go-to brand.

Ashley N.

I have sensitive, allergic skin, and this lotion soothes dryness and itchiness without feeling oily or slippery.

Steve G.

After a week my skin looks back to normal and feels amazing.


This lotion soothes on contact and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. I especially love that it is fragrance free. My only wish is that I can buy it in a larger size.

Verified Amazon Customer

This is my HG (holy grail) cleanser. Gentle, moisturizer, and perfect for someone with a million sensitivities. Good price too!


As someone with extremely dry skin, this is the perfect find without risking an oily feel.

Erica L.

One of the best moisturizing creams I’ve used!

Jamie M.

Nice to know that this cream is more natural than other products I’ve tried before.

Vicky A.

If you want soft feet this is your cream! It’s life changing!

Lissa D.

My skin is calm since using Ceramedx. These are the only products that work for me.

Gina H.

I’ve been using them for about three weeks and what a difference I see in my skin – the tone, the softness, and the replenishing of moisture in my skin.

Marilyn S.

Using the cleanser and cream has changed the texture of my skin, which I am glad to say was noticed on my last dermatologist visit.

Larry H.