Ceramides are essential lipid molecules that are naturally found in your skin. They work with cholesterol and fatty acids to make up your skin's protective barrier, the stratum corneum.

Healthy skin has the right balance of these molecules to keep your barrier resilient and able to lock in moisture.

Our Formula

Ceramedx® was specifically formulated to help heal dryness, improve moisture retention and prevent dryness from recurring using our exclusive plant-derived Riceramide®-3 technology.

Our blend of ceramides and other natural moisturizers can actually mimic the skin's natural moisture and protection barrier. It supports skin renewal by helping to improve its moisture retaining capacity, returning skin to a healthier condition.

100% vegan  •  PETA-certified cruelty free  •  paraben free  •  petrolatum free  •  GMO free  •  gluten free  •  fragrance free


Our products contain our exclusive blend of ceramides derived from rice bran, botanical cholesterol and fatty acid extracts called Riceramide®-3. 

This technology was formulated to help restore the balance of lipids in your skin barrier, leading to healthier skin in the most natural way possible.

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Meet Dr. Corey Frucht

Board-certified medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatologist discusses the symptoms of dry skin, explains what ceramides are and how they work, and shares why he recommends Ceramedx® to his dermatology patients with very dry and sensitive skin conditions.