Restoring Body Lotion 12 fl. oz.

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Absolute favorite lotion - not favorite bottle

This lotion is positively amazing! I have cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, and this lotion is the only thing that has soothes my skin. It is wonderful.

The bottle has a pump. The pump stops working with 1/4 to 1/3 of the product remaining. I have to unscrew the bottle and bang it on my hand and then stick my index finger in to get some out. Additionally, it’s way too much plastic and too small of a bottle.

Love the lotion hate the pump

I am obsessed with this lotion. I have very sensitive skin with Pilaris and it’s saved my skin. However - this bottle really sucks. The pump stopped working. I had about 1/2 c left of lotion in the bottle before it stopped pumping
So now I buy and spend 20 minutes transferring it to a better bottle. For the price, this needs to be fixed

very moisturizing and gentle

I found this product by randomly asking a salesperson at Mother's Market what was her favorite, ride or die product in the store. She pointed to this one. I have to say it is amazing. Very, very moisturizing that lasts yet doesn't cause my sensitive skin to react. Both the salesperson and I have eczema and have found it beneficial. I prefer it to Cerave, which was my previous body lotion. I'm going to give the ultra moisturizer a try next.

So nourishing, but too much plastic!

I love this lotion; it sinks in, and I know my skin is healing and protected. It truly is restoring dry patches on my skin. I don't want to use any other lotion. That said, 12oz bottles are way too small. It lasted me a month, so that means I will be throwing away 12 plastic bottles a year if I keep using this. Please, please, please make it in at least a 32 oz bottle. I'm certain it will sell. While you're at it, can you create a more sustainable container/packaging as well? You've already made a cleaner lotion for us. Thanks!