Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser 8 fl. oz.

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Great product, not great packaging

I LOVE this product. My sensitive skin took to it really well. The only thing preventing from me giving this 5 stars is the packaging. The snout is super short, so when I go to pump it, half of the product ends up squished between the palm of my hand and the container, rather than going into my hand. Hygienically not ideal (product touching the outside of the bottle that’s sitting in my shower), and I feel like I’m losing product. If you guys could change the pump system I’d be a loyal customer!

Works great

I have dry skin and though this cleanser is foamy, it doesn’t dry my skin out. It is pretty basic but for me, finding a cleanser that doesn’t dry my skin out is huge. I use it with the facial lotion and these two products have been wonderful since I have discontinued my usage of Cerave.

Not For My Skin

Unfortunately, the skin on my face does not like this product. It's far too drying and when I put any kind of lotion on after using it, my skin stings and turns red. I've also been developing more acne since trying this product. I previously used the Ceramedx gentle body cleanser and I like that product much more, it's just harder to find in stores. Hoping to switch back to that one ASAP.


Didn’t irritate my psoriasis and cruelty free!

Molly P
A simple, but effective ff cleanser

If you're looking for a very basic, no-frills cleansing product that's vegan and fragrance-free, this is it. Works well, a big bottle, good for the whole family.....
It does the job.